Finance Management
According to the customer's situation and objectives, we will propose three of investment style.

Property preservation

Ensuring Gen'yu property. This is the most secure assets, is a commodity. Than to increase, it is an asset to cherish that does not reduce. Under the basic stance that continue to ensure the assets of Gen'yu, more than anything else an emphasis on safety, To minimize the risk of erosion. Reliability, the highest safety, safe assets also in consideration of liquidity.

Conservative Operations

Efficient operation of the market revenue. While allowing a certain amount of risk, market and equal to or, to the extent that more than it It is an asset to secure the return. Stock, including alternative such as the center of traditional financial instruments such as bonds, the diversified investment type Construct a portfolio.

Actively managed

The pursuit of excess returns. Investment assets in order to pursue the return of plus alpha. With the aim of increasing significantly, while allowing a relatively high risk, to pursue actively return Investment is an asset. By customers and financial advisors the asset that has been positioned as a margin assets, high-risk We invested in investment in high-return type.